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"Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple…"

JK Rowling, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (via fredweasleys)

"These are some of my best friends. We’ve gone through some of the most incredible things together. They are my rock. And we’ve just been on this insane journey together, I don’t think you can even fully describe it. It’s been pure magic. I can’t imagine not having this. I will remember this forever.

Jared Fowler - Ile Du Nord, 2013


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"Oh, Hermione, my love. I have loved you to the point of madness." [x]

Make Me Choose
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"Shake It Off" Outtakes Video #1 - The Cheerleaders

Parts of me remind me of you

Even among the holy ones, you’re dirtier than that
Leave it alone, take the long way home 
Sneak around and let yourself in back

“The girl could look pretty with a plastic bag over her head.” -Daniel Radcliffe (on Emma Watson)